Trek to Snow Lake-Lukpe La-Baraldu La Shimshal Pass

Trek to Snow Lake-Lukpe La-Baraldu La Shimshal Pass

25 Jul 12:00 - 14 Aug 15:30 - Lahore
Rock Valley Tours Pvt Ltd


Explore one of the longest continuous glacier systems in the world. Snow Lake Lukpe La is a high-altitude glacial basin in the Karakoram mountain range in Northern Pakistan, located 16,000 feet (4,877 m) above sea level, and is approximately 10 miles wide. the head of the snow lake glaciers and Baraldu glacier.

DAY 01 Fly Islamabad - Skardu - Chilas
• Morning transfer to airport for flight to Skardu and then transfer to resort. (This flight is subject to good weather conditions, so if the flight is cancelled we will drive by road to Chilas or Narran.)
• Meals and overnight at hotel.
DAY02 Skardu free day in Skardu.
• If we are traveling by road we will make the journey from Chilas, Narran to Skardu.

• Hotel for meals and overnight.
DAY03 Jeep ride to Askoli
• Take soft-top 4x4 jeeps for a bumpy ride to trek head.
• Enjoy exciting views of Mango Gusor (6208m) and Bakhor Das (5809m) peaks.
• Camp at 2950m at Thongol. (145 km, 5-6 hours.)
DAY04 Askoli - thongol - Namla
• We begin our trek, as our luggage is distributed among our team of porters, by walking across an incredible wilderness of rock, ice and sky.
• After walking alongside Braldu River for about an hour, we reach the village of Askole. This is the last permanent settlement along our trekking route.
• Another three hours’ walk brings us to the Biafo Glacier, two kilometers wide at this point, which is to be our companion for half of the trek.
• After setting foot on the glacier, and scrambling across the lateral moraine for about three hours, we arrive at Namla campsite at 3400m. (6-7 hour trek)
DAY05 Namla - Biantha
• Back on the glacier, we cross an area of crevasses where extreme care is needed. It’s important to follow our guide closely.
• Once across the crevasses, we make a gentle ascent of the glacier, enjoying spectacular views of Latok 1 (7145m), Latok 2 (7108m) along the trek.
• The track follows the ablation valley past a small lake, then heads out across the lateral crevasses to the smooth white centre of the Biafo Glacier.
• Our campsite is at Biantha at 4025m on a grassy area with a clear stream flowing through dense willows and alpine flowers. (6-7 hour trek)
DAY06 Biantha - Karfogoro - Shufang
• The first hour of the trek is a lovely walk along the valley, crossing many small lakes surrounded by willows and wild flowers. This area is the habitat of bears and Himalayan ibex.
• Once on the glacier we make a gradual climb over smooth ice. If there is fresh snow on the glacier we must rope up and walk using a flying belay while enjoying stunning views of Sosbun Brakk (6418m).
• Camp at 4025m (7-8 hour trek)
DAY07 Karfogoro - Shufang - Snow Lake
• We make a pre-dawn departure from the camp so that we can walk safely over the soft snow on the medial moraine.
• After two hours of steady plodding we arrive at the intersection of the Sim-gang glacier with Snow lake.
• Camp at around 4780m close to the Hispar Pass. (2-3 hour trek)
DAY08 Snow lake - Lukpe La BC
• Today our trek start toward the high pass. Walk around 6 hrs to reach the Base camp.
• Arrive Base camp.
• Set camp at around 4780m close to the Lukpe La Pass. (6-8 hour trek)
DAY09 Lukpe la bc - Cross pass - Baraldu BC.
• Today our trek start early morning to cross the high pass 5700m ,descending toward Baraldu Glacier.
• Short stay on the top to enjoy the view of simyang Skamla Simla Glaciers.
• Walk around 6 hrs to reach the Baraldu base camp.
• Arrive at base camp. (6-8 hour trek)
DAY10 Baraldu bc - Hameed camp
• Today our trek descending toward Baraldu Glacier.
• Walk around 6 hrs to reach the Baraldu base camp.
• Arrive at base camp. (7-8hour trek)
DAY11 Hameed camp - Karavan C
• Today our trek descending toward Baraldu Glacier.
• Walk around 6 hrs to reach the Baraldu base camp.
• Arrive at base camp. (6-8 hour trek)
DAY12 Karavan camp - Wasim Camp
• We start our trek on the same glacier toward Wasim nala; difficult trek on rocky mountains.
• Arrive at camp. (6-7 hrs trek)
• Overnight stay at camp.
DAY13 Wasim nala - Chikor
• A lovely, relaxing walk through green pastures past willows and cedars and among herds of goats, sheep, cattle and yak.
• Cross Baraldu River depending on the weather condition. Good weather could make it easier for crossing the river to save one more day.
• After spending some time here, walk for another hour to our camp close to a roaring river at Chikor. (5-6 hour trek)
DAY14 Chikor - Shimshal pass Shuwarth
• Chikor - Shuwart East. Walk in wide open valley running east to west, with two lakes located just before the Shimshal Pass.
• In summer we find yaks, goats and sheep who roam the green pastures.
• In afternoon one could walk over to Shuwart summer settlement, consisting of 60 houses.
• Inevitably, we might get invited for dinner, a great chance to visit local houses and also to taste energetic nomad food made from yak’s cheese, butter, and wheat flour.
• Camp overnight. (4/5 hours, 4735m)
DAY15 Shuwart - Arbab parian
• Same trek we have passed through on our way to Shuwart. But it will take us very short time because of the continues gradual descend of the trek.
• Camp overnight. (5/6 hours)
DAY16 Arbab parian - Pasth furzain
• We follow a stream flowing from Shuwart to Pasth Furzain. There are many summer settlements.
• We will pitched our tents at a small settlement having only two houses. It is a beautiful valley and water is easily accessible here.
• Camp overnight. (4/5 hours)
DAY17 Pasth furzain - Shimshal
• Cross one small river in this days trek which will be great fun and adventurous as the water level goes up.
• Camp/ GH overnight. (5/6 hours)
DAY18 Shimshal rest days
• Full day for village visit, or extra for trek.
DAY19 Shimshal - karimabad hunza
• Jeep ride to Karimabad Hunza.
• Reach Hunza and spend rest of the day at leisure.
• Overnight at hotel. (7/8 hours trek +2/ 3 hours drive)
DAY20 Hunza - Besham - Narran
• Early morning drive via air-conditioned transport on the Karakoram Highway towards Besham/ Narran.
• Lunch on way.
• Proceed towards Besham / Narran.
• Overnight at Motel. (11/12 hours)
• Arrive Islamabad. Departure for next destination.

Cost does not include:
• Travel cost from Islamabad to Islamabad
• Jeep as per itinerary.
• Hotel accommodation on 02 person sharing basis.
• Sleeping tents on 02 person sharing basis.
• Three time meals on traveling and trek.
• Kitchen equipment, crockery, fuel and related camping gear.
• Facilities of Guide, cooks and porters and helpers.
• Bridge taxes.
• Pass crossing charges.
• Low and High altitude porters.
• 12.5 Kg personal porter weight.
• Climbing rope.
Cost does not include:
• Domestic/International airfare and airport taxes.
• Any expense due to cancellation of flight, landslides, natural calamities, act of God, forced majeurs: beyond the control of our staff and suppliers.
• Any expense of personal nature not specified.
• Trekking equipment.
Tips & portage at hotel during trek.

Personal Gear & Clothing

While on an organized trek, it is best to pack all items for your trip in one large piece and one carry on. The large piece must be a duffel bag (weighing not more than 12.5 Kg.) because duffels are easier for porters to carry. A small day pack is suggested as carry-on to keep items that you will use during while on the trek, bus or jeep.
Large duffel bag with lock. It is not recommended to put your stuff in backpack as the straps might get damaged while being transferred from bus to jeeps, jeeps to campsites and during loading and unloading by porters each day. A small padlock that fits through the zipper of your duffel bag is recommended.
Day Pack. Large enough for camera
Gear, cap, sun glasses, water bottle, jacket and other items you may like to use while on the trek.
Extra carry-on. For storing city clothes in Skardu.
Money Belt. A small fanny pack, money belt or around the neck passport bag is suggested for keeping safe your passport, travel documents and money. Packing list for your Duffel.
Sleeping Bag. As we shall be sleeping for four nights at Concordia at 4,700meters or at Snow Lake and Hispar Pass at 5151meters above sea level, so the bag should be rated for 0 degree F or -18 degree C. Ratings are all relative since the amount of insulation needed for a particular person to stay comfortable depends on their rate metabolism. A down bag will be warmer for its weight and pack smaller but does not retain its insulative properties when wet. A water proof breathable shell or a bivy-bag will keep the bag dry. A synthetic bag keeps you warm even when wet and is a less expensive alternative, but will weigh more for a given amount of warmth.
Trekking Boots. The single most important item on this list. Never take brand new boots on a trek, make sure they are well broken-in before departure. Good trekking boots are hard to get in Pakistan. If you are buying a new pair from abroad, look for medium-weight boots of fabric or a fabric/leather combination. They should provide adequate ankle support . A vibrum or other deep-lug will protect you from rocks and add support. Always use thick socks when trying shoes so that you get the correct size. Short shoes can jam your toes painfully during steep descents. You could also try to get new “Grouted” shoes that provide protection against water and are good while walking in rain or through snow. Make sure you can fit crampons on your shoes, as it is vital for crossing different passes.
Camp Shoes. Jogging shoes or sneakers to slip in at the end of the day. Tiva sandals are ideal for this trek, as you can use them while crossing streams and also at the campsite for strolls.
Crampons You may need crampons on certain treks, sometimes only for one day. It helps in having better grip on hard snow to have crampons fitted to your boots. Look for easy to fix ones. ( Check with us for your specific trek if you need the crampons or not). From our regular trek list, you would need to bring crampons for : Biafo Hispar hermal socks. The socks you wear are a critical element. A cotton/wool combination is useful while on the glacier, and for warmer conditions cotton socks are best. For hose who are sensitive to wool synthetic/cotton socks are recommended.
Liner Socks. A thin, wickable material. Polypropylene, Capilene, Thermax and Drylete all work very well. Silk does not work nearly as effectively as any one of the above.
Polyester Fleece/Pile Jacket or Pullover. Stays warm even when wet.
Polyester Fleece Pants. Good for afternoon strolls, same as above.
Rain gear. A rain suit available from the local market is best for rain, doubles as windbreaker, and fits over pile jacket and pants.
Wicking Long Underwear (tops & bottoms). Wick moisture to keep you warm and comfortable and dry quickly. Two suits are a good idea.
Ski Hat. Covers your ears properly, use one with cotton liner. Woolen cap is also good.
Mittens or Gloves. Woolen gloves are useful when at higher elevations and during windy conditions, when temperature drops quickly.
Brimmed Sun Hat. Very important for this trek, as when we start the trek and till we arrive at Concordia, we are generally walking towards east. This can be annoying in the morning as sun is low and hits your eyes.
Bathing Suit. Men can take bath by the rivers or occasional lakes in ablation valleys.
Toiletries. Keep everything you normally use. Just remember to bring effective sunscreen, chap stick /lip balm, skin lotion and laundry soap.
With your knowledge of Pakistani culture you are well aware of precautions to be taken while traveling through remote areas. Cloths for the trek should be durable, comfortable and easy to wash and dry. In good weather you will spend much of your time in a T-shirt or medium shirt and outdoor trousers. You will need warmer clothes for evening in the camps. Temperature falls rapidly as soon the sun goes down.
Men could wear shorts once we are through the populated areas, that means from the third day of trek. Women are advise to use cotton shalwar kameez (loose long shirts and baggy trousers) the traditional Pakistani dress, as these are comfortable during warm conditions, and also appreciated & respected by the locals.
Check List
Head gear
Wool shirt & trousers
Cotton shirt & pants
Gloves & Mittens
Rain/wind suit
Cotton & Wool undergarments
Socks (Cotton & Wool/synthetic)
Boots (Trek & Camp)
Belt !
Down Jacket
Shalwar Kameez (Cotton)
Spare laces for boots
Miscellaneous Items
Bandanna/Scarf, for covering your mouth while riding in a jeep.
Water bottle, with durable screw top.
Headlamp with flash light + extra batteries and bulb
Insect repellent
Swiss Army knife, or a similar one
Nylon cord for a clothes line
Personal Medical kit
Pocket size sewing kit
Lighter or matches for general use
Wrist Watch
Optional Items
Thermarest. We provide close-cell matrices but you may want to supplement for additional comfort.
Stuff sacks of various sizes for storing of your used clothes.
Toilet paper or travel pack of tissues.
An interesting book.
Note book and pen for journal.
Snacks: personal choice of dried fruit, candy, energy bars.
Camera, film, extra batteries, cleaning supplies and extra lenses.
Sports gear (playing cards/Frisbee)
Water purification tablets
The Mountain Guide shall be carrying a first aid kit, to be used in case of emergencies. You are however, requested to please consider carrying your own personal medication - as suggested by your doctor

To keep the spirit of exploration alive,
we have based the menu on local dishes, cooked by our staff in hygienic conditions. We shall be pleased to amend the above mentioned sample menu, to suit the eating habits of our valued clients.

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