Environmental Mountaineering Course

Environmental Mountaineering Course

21 Jul 07:00 - 28 Jul 10:00 - Karachi


“By far one of the best most exhilarating learning experiences of your lifetime!”

The Environmental Mountaineering Course,
taught by Mountain Wilderness - Pakistan,
facilitated & organised by TACTACK.

The term “Mountain Wilderness” refers to any untouched mountain environment where anyone who so wishes may come into direct contact with the wide-open spaces, experience solitude, silence, rhythms, natural dimensions, laws and dangers. The essential value of wilderness lies, above all, in its potential to stimulate an intense creative relationship between civilized man and the natural environment. It is the degree of authenticity of this connection that gives this adventure its deeper meaning. This definition comes from the Biella thesis (1987), a foundation manifesto written at the origin of Mountain Wilderness which still drives the actions of the association.

Imagine the ecstatic feeling of reaching 5000m above sea-level, through the mountains, hills and lakes, looking for adventure. Join us for an expedition in to the heart of Pakistan, enriched with alpine beauty and nature’s priceless blessings. Explore the icy flanks, the rocky mountains and the glaciers spreading over thousands of miles, and experience the absolute thrill that this land has to offer.

This program is designed to cater to both the theoretical and practical elements involved in pumping up your energy and engaging in any expedition. The course has been designed for beginners who are eager to become mountaineers, training them in techniques that are effective and safe.

Theory elements will include:
- expedition planning
- clothing
- equipment
- ecology of the mountain environment
- geology of the Himalayas,
- glaciers, snow avalanches and mountain hazards,
- mountain sickness and remedies
- emergency prevention and responses.

The practical will include:
- wilderness travel
- rock climbing
- ice climbing
- crevasse rescue
- glacier crossing
- peak ascent

... all bearing in mind that we must leave the least amount of environmental impact!

***Complete course package cost is Rs. 85,000/-***

Cost includes:
- Technical Gear & Equipment: Harnesses, crampons, pitons, ropes, friends, anchors, ice-axes, helmets and much more.
- Literary Materials: Notes and lecture slides.
- Transport: onwards & back from Naran, Kaghan Valley.
- Accommodation.
- Food.
- Instructor's fees.

Further details:
- You will be required to carry your own luggage and personal gear. Cost does not include the expense of a personal porter.

- First-aid will be available at all times, however, in case of any injuries, evacuation services will NOT be provided by TACTACK.

- You will be required to bring along any necessary medications you need with you on your trip.

- Trainees can opt for a private insurance for the trip. Insurance is not included in this course.

- You are allowed to bring your photography equipment, however, you will only be allowed to use it consciously under the supervision of the instructors during training.

- Observe codes of privacy and do not photograph locals without permission.

- You will be required to carry the given equipment during training by yourself to make the most of your exercise and understand how to handle the gear. No personal porter will be involved.


Location: Khabba Nar Base Camp, Khabba Nar Glacier, Khabba Nar Valley, Kaghan
Vacancies: 12
Duration: Total days 07 (seven)

Day 1: Report to Naran (overnight) in Naran

Day 2: By road from Naran to Dadar Valley via Batakundi
Trekking to Khabbar Nar Valley - set up first Base Camp at Khabba Nar, (overnight at Khabba Nar BC)

Day 3: Introduction of Course - Rock training
(overnight at Khabba Nar BC)

Day 4: Ice Climbing & Glacier Travel
(overnight at Khabba Nar BC)

Day 5: Ice climbing
(overnight at Khabba Nar BC)

Day 6: Peak Ascent
(overnight at Khabba Nar BC)

Day 7: Trek down to Dadar – drive to Naran – termination (overnight in Naran)


Trip Essentials:

1. Sun Hat / Cap
2. Beanie / Balaclava cap (woollen or fleece)
3. Glacier glasses / goggles
4. Durable sunglasses
5. Thermal under vests and leggings
6. Full fleece
7. Down Jacket / Warm jacket
8. Goretex upper jacket
9. Fleece pants
10. Goretex lowers / waterproof trousers
11. Fleece gloves
12. Insulated gloves
13. Adequate trekking boots that can also take crampons
14. Sandals / slippers for camp site
15. Sunblock
16. Rucksack
17. Water bottle
18. Headlamp with spare batteries
19. Torch
20. Sleeping bag
21. Sleeping mattress
22. Gaiters
23. Trekking sticks
24. Personal items such as medications & toiletries
25. Personal snacks


Please note:
1. Only limited seats available. Make sure to be prompt with your bookings.

2. Carry your own personal items and any other required belongings.

3. All payment deposits must be made 100% in advance by 31st May 2018.

4. In case you need to cancel your trip, make sure to contact TACTACK at least 4 weeks prior to your departure in order to avail 80% refund. ie: 23rd June 2018

5. If you cancel between 24th June 2018 and 7th July 2018 then only 50% will be refunded.

6. Any cancellations after 8th July 2018 will not be entitled to any refund.

7. In case any equipment owned by TACTACK is lost or damaged, the cost of replacing the equipment will be borne by the individual responsible.

8. A responsible and positive attitude in all the different communities we work with is mandatory.


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